Mon Jan 31 NZDT 2011

It has come to our attention that the telechips website was hacked a couple weeks ago via an sql injection attack, all user accounts and passwords appear to have been stored in plain text. All the usernames and passwords are floating around the internet in a rar along with the python source for the sql injection

We have notified our contacts at telechips of this but no reply has been received as of yet...

How ever while we do not condone this action, It's still very amusing since telechips did not release everything that is in the android bsp to the public it looks like some one took action and helped themselfs (Power to the people!!).

In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King.

- VeNoMouS

Mon Nov 29 NZDT 2010

Small update

So Asure and myself working on custom kernels for the build, and w00t w00t M701 = boot :), Asure managed to get X5A to boot, but have video display issues...

So what does this mean? Well, for a couple starters... CIFS (windows network sharing), USB Serial devices, nfs client support, addional 3g units, etc.

- VeNoMouS



Yes, were still alive, so sorry for the lack of updates guys... I've been sick and had hardware issues, then asure got sick... *sad panda*

SOooooOOOOoo.... Updates with whats been going on...

  • Team Telechips welcomes aboard naobsd aka fun_ to the team <3.
  • Busy integrating OMX into froyo codebase (video acceleration etc).
  • Getting our own kernel build to boot correctly.
  • Moved to 2.2.1 code base.
  • Rewriting legancy wifi for the T72
  • Haipad finally released 2.2 but buggy as hell.
  • Over 10,000 downloads of our current rom build in under a month.
Many thanks to fkcoder for supplying us with code to add buttons to the status bar.


Many, many, many thanks to some donations that came in over the quiet period.

We haven't forgotten you all, we are still commited to the community, so please keep the donations comming in so we can puchase some dev tablets. Even its just a $1 (10k x $1 = !!wow!!)

- VeNoMouS

Wed Nov 03 NZDT 2010

Well... after swearing and fighting for 4 days have worked out why my build box was fuxed, kept getting random segfaults or unable to allocate virtual memory problems when compiling our build... seems I've cooked the cpu, seems it doesn't like compiling 5gb of src all the time lol, replaced with spare cpu... Back in action.

- VeNoMouS

Sun Oct 31 NZDT 2010 - Status Update

Ok well I suppose I should update where we are at.... To be honest we havent done all that much this week, Asure and myself have been busy with normal life stuff.
Now, where the projects at... I'm attempting to put tslib into froyo so we get a nicer touch input control, Asure is working on HDMI out.

Also working on getting the T72 wifi working, tho lack of testers being online is a pain, I need ppl to do tests in realtime, not 6 hours after I get them to test, I need you to issue cmds for diagnosis, If you think you are able to help, drop an email to apad[-at-]

If we fail to find testers who can meet our needs, We will loose interest in the T72/G10 4GB tablet and move on with our current personal tablets. We would have purchased a dev tablet for this, But donations just haven't been comming in as much as we had hoped.

So if you have one of these tablets get in touch please if you want this ported properly.
You must already know how to install clockwork and flash I am NOT going to teach you.

Some other info:
Currently there has been 4221 firmware downloads.
Still waiting on Telechips to give us an exact date for code release, they are telling us start of December (fingers crossed).

- VeNoMouS

Wed Oct 27 NZDT 2010 - M1001 Port

Asure has been a busy boy and built a rom for the M1001, and also started a thread here.

So if your a user of the M1001 make sure you say thanks to Asure for this speical port :)

- VeNoMouS

Tue Oct 26 NZDT 2010 - 2000 Downloads

Arnt we popular, 5 days after release and already over 2000 unique downloads.

- VeNoMouS

Mon Oct 25 NZDT 2010 - StyleFlying / G10 4GB Model

Ok I have identified the problem with the G10 4GB models, it seems your input control is different to everyone else's and it requires a unique driver in the kernel.

I will build a custom CM6 PoC for these users and release after some more tests have been done.

Thanks to my beta testers

  • Rob Hanford
  • Kominicek
  • Mitja Rek
  • Michael Forest
  • And anyone else I may have missed
Sorry about the delay in getting this resolved, doing this with out the tablet is almost impossible...*hint hint donations* :P

- VeNoMouS

Server Outage..

I Must remember to read email more often DOH..

Dear customer,

we have been advised today about an electrical problem with one of the UPS system
powering our suite J1. This electrical problem has to be repaired urgently.
Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do to prevent this issue.

An emergency maintenance have been scheduled to fix it.

Maintenance date :
Friday, October 22nd 2010, between 11:30 PM and 2:30 AM Eastern Time.

- VeNoMouS

ClockWorkMod Button Mapping

I've created a modified version of cwm that requires you press the buttons to map them before starting, this will get around the problems of the other tablets which seem to be having button issues.

We will release shortly, I think asure is sleeping off a bender :P
- VeNoMouS


Thank you to the following people for donations towards the project:

  • Rekec
  • pashby
  • Benjamin Matz
  • Kenneth Kwok
  • wintermute
  • Roberto Tejada
  • Michael Forrest
  • Lido
  • Scott Mallett
  • Mustafa Ozturk
  • Kris Van Lier
  • Thomas Dulka
  • Philip Salkie

Beta Bugs

Thanks to the community we have identified some bugs with the beta release which we will start to work on, please keep contributing to the forum thread.

Thanks guys :)
- VeNoMouS


Hi guys, we have decided to put up a paypal donations page, so if you would like to help out the project please donate.

The donations go towards purchasing hardware such as development tablets (incase we brick our own) or any other hardware we might require.

You can find the donations link on the nav bar at the top.
- VeNoMouS

Open Source Community Spam Campaign WIN

Well it seems if you spam a company with requets they listen, telechips has issued a letter to everyone who copied our template and emailed them.

Today is a great day indeed, now we just have to wait for everyone to come together and action this request. :)

- VeNoMouS

Thu Oct 21 20:00:00 NZDT 2010 - Froyo BETA RELEASE

Well the day has come...

Team Telechips presents to you Froyo 2.2.1 Proof of Concept.

To Install this simply download the firmware for your tablet, and place it onto your sdcard as
Please note you need the clockworkmod recovery installed, you can find the recovery below or mirrored here.

1) Reboot into recovery mode, (adb reboot recovery) or on the M701 (switch tablet on and press the two buttons on top), note: both require that usb cable be plugged in.
2) Wipe data/factory reset.
3) Apply

Froyo 2.2.1 Roms:

  • HSG-X5A - SHA1:8482e5cce83253710f1d7152741e8311167c7841
  • M701 - SHA1:301355b7fbf323e16aa21f84d27afb2b4996cc70
Team Telechips Members:
  • Asure
  • VeNoMouS
Special Thanks to:
  • Koush
  • Georg77CZ helped with testing Clockworkmod
  • Hatax for Wlan help
  • Arcee (freenode) for help with Market & general tips
  • And offcourse to Google for Android 2.2 and the guys @ Cyanogenmod for creating CM6
Current Problems:
  • No OMX support (Translates to, you cant really play videos atm).
We have started a forum thread at slatedroid so we can get alerted about bugs and whatnot.

We will also be putting up a paypal donations link, so if you can help us out to buy test tablets and other equipment we might need we would be most greatful :)

- VeNoMous & Asure

Thu Oct 21 00:55:26 NZDT 2010

Ok, sorry guys we really tried to make the release tonight, but a couple bugs came up in the final testing of the packaging, we are hoping for in 24hrs for beta release...
Sorry guys..

- VeNoMouS

Mirror Of Recovery Package Asure Has Put Together

Asure has started a thread here for recovery package he has put together with my code fixes.

Mirrored Images.

- VeNoMouS

Tue Oct 18 2010

Another day, Another lack of email back from telechips...

On another note Android 4.0 name's is released seems it will be called "Ice Cream" according to this Android 3.0 "GingerBread" could be out before end of year, so I guess development will start on that soon for us.

Final preps underway for android 2.2 froyo beta release, 24~48hrs... maaaaaybeee depends if we pull finger :P

Mon Oct 17 2010

Sooo 30min phone conversation with telechips south korea.... Trying desperately to get them to give me the android bsp I explained the situation and how we have managed to get 2.2 working on the chip and explained the omx issue, The guy I spoke with was technical and was alright to talk to.

How ever they are "reviewing" my request again, I did enquire what would fast track it, and if I purchase a 89xx development board for $5K USD from them we will get the NDA and bsp *cries*....

Which in a business case model is fair enough, they recoup their R&D costs. You can hardly blame them for trying to recoup costs...

They didnt understand what I ment by open source community. I also explained we are getting gpl violations involved (they understood that..).

But guess we will have to wait and see what telechips comes back with.
- VeNoMouS.

PS: I dont think the emails requests are getting anywhere so we might have to review who they are getting sent to.

Mon Oct 17 2010

So I was thinking today, it would be cool if we had a boot splash for this release, so if you want to help out, design a boot splash image and email it in to apad[at]

Concept I did for the wiipad guys about a month ago.

  • Resolution needs to 800x480.
- VeNoMouS

Sat Oct 16 2010

Well we have some good news... and some bad news.

Good News:
Asure and myself have decided to release a beta in the next 3~5 days, so the long wait is over

Bad News:
Due to telechips not releasing jack s**t, at this time we dont have any native omx support just yet, this means that we cant offload (H.264, MPEG 1/2, MPEG 4, VC-1, Real Video 8/9/10, H.263) video codecs off onto the video decoder.

- VeNoMouS

Fri Oct 15 2010

Ok guys.. If you want to help speed things up for this, PLEASE email tccsm[at] (cc license-violation[at] and issue this template requesting they supply their android bsp.

We can not do everything by ourselves but if we band together Telechips might listen to the masses.

Be a team player and help support the community.

- VeNoMouS

Thur Oct 14 2010

Froyo progress update: Now shows correct apps list & market is working 100% thanks to arcee in #cyanogenmod-dev on irc :)

On a side note, I left my tablet idle last night around 11pm its 8:45am and the battery just died battery lasting longer under froyo by the looks.

Wed Oct 13 2010 22:50 NZDT - SDCard Fix

Asure has also just finished the sdcard vold problem so it auto mounts correctly now :), we on fire today

Wed Oct 13 2010 22:30 NZDT - Orientation Working

Well.... I'm ashamed of myself for taking nearly a week to find a way to do this (25mins building the ota each time didnt help) anyways.... Orientation is now working!!
So heres a PoC Video Enjoy :) closer and closer to beta release.
Before Fix After Fix

- VeNoMouS

Tue Oct 13 2010

Congrats to Asure.
After him going near insane for 2 days trying to work out how to correct the calibration since we had a weird offset problem, hes worked out a manual fix to the issue, we will work on this problem so its automaticly resolved.

0 0

So What this does this mean to you guys, means beta release is getting closer and closer :)

Tue Oct 12 2010: Side Note

DAMMN YOU!, No Angry birds for us in 2.2 :( still breaks...

  • ActivityManager( 1054): Process com.rovio.angrybirds_lite (pid 1569) has died.
  • ActivityManager( 1054): Displayed activity com.rovio.angrybirds_lite/com.rovio.ka3d.App: 1561 ms (total 1561 ms)
  • dalvikvm( 1569): threadid=8: thread exiting with uncaught exception (group=0x4001d7c8)

Mon Oct 11 2010

If anyone is interested I've written a small program based on the work by naobsd, that extracts the splash image from the lk.rom and save it to jpg/png , if you wish to modify the stock image slightly.


Mon Oct 11 2010

Ok updates...

Ok well after a LOOOONNNGGG weekend of debugging I think i may have got the gsensor problems sorted... asure has just finished getting the wifi working word up to him :)

0 0 0

Sat Oct 9 2010

Alright ppls, some good news, was up till around 4:30am this morning working out a solution for the inverted X-axis issue, which is now RESOLVED :).
After some much needed sleep I'm currently wokring on the sesnor rotation issue.

Asure is currently working on wifi issues so hopefully he gets that going but hes gone on some R&R today

Anyway guys will keep you up to date with on going bug fixes.

Thu-Fri Oct 8 2010

EGL / Mali problems resolved, PoC Below

Thu Oct 7 2010

Ok I made a video of our alpha build for Android Froyo 2.2.1 Running on the M701

Thu Oct 7 2010


Been working with Asure over the past week and we have managed to get our own boot of eclair and froyo working on our tablets, yes !!FROYO (CM6)!! on tcc8902 (M701 and X5A)..

We still have some bugs we need to address and no current release eta but looks like we are winning on the porting eh :P Will post a video later as proof of concept.

Anyway will keep you guys informed.

... damn it asure beat me to the video hahaha.. heres his video..

Mon Oct 4 NZDT 2010 - Afternnon - *SIGH*

  • tcc8902/obj/lib/ undefined reference to `android::Overlay::resizeInput(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int)'
  • tcc8902/obj/lib/ undefined reference to `android::Overlay::getCommitted(unsigned int*, unsigned int*, unsigned int*, unsigned int*, unsigned int*)'

Mon Oct 4 NZDT 2010

Ok sooooooo.. Due to the lack of development I've teamed up with Asure and we are currently working together to bring out a new rom for the X5A and M701, I've recoded clockworkmod to work with the X5A and M701 buttons, backup and restore work great :)

Have started work on the eclair envoriment once we get all that sorted and optimized we will start on Froyo, Also Asure has been in discussions with koush to get our rom under rom manager

Anyways will keep you updated.

Thu Sep 30 NZDT 2010

0929 Firmware released...bugfixs...

Tue Sep 28 NZDT 2010

Well have spoken to haipad contacts again... sadly no news about cifs or ftdi.... however I have had rumours confirmed that they will be releasing android 2.2 firmware in next ~10 days.

Will keep you guys updated with any new developments...

On another note, compiled and insmod'd ftdi driver myself created the char device (it doesnt like being plugged/unpluged lots, it locks up) tho when I tried to read data from it, it doesnt appear to be working correctly... needs more investigation.

Fri Sep 24 NZST 2010

OK well maybe some good news, was talking to someone from haipad that listened through my ranting about lack of cifs,nfs,ftdi etc and lack of open source,open gl es problems... yada,yada, I tried to explain that they are limiting sales by not just opening up the device... anyway the person whom I was speaking too wasnt an engineer he kinda understood what the problems were, He told that he would talk to their engineers about all this, I explained how many people are fed up with this closed source bullshit and supplied xda and slatedroid forum links of the roots.

Anyway we will just have to wait till next week when I touch base again and see where we go from there....

AND..... I had it confirmed from him that they are indeed testing Android 2.2 atm, but he couldnt give me a release date, I understand that testing && bug fixes do take time... lets just not take tooooooo much time eh guys :)

Oh and another firmware is too be released in the next couple days... or so I was told..


Wed Sep 22 18:26:50 NZST 2010

Just downloaded the SmartQ V7 Android firmware and yup... you guessed it almost identical kernel again with the tcc9200 mentioned in it...

DUmmm DUmm DUmmmmmm

Wed Sep 22 NZST 2010:

Well.... my latest finding are a bit of face palm.... from what I can determine the stock kernel in the firmware's are being built with a 9200 bsp not a 8900.... ( which might explain why when I compile a cifs module and it insmod's fine but doesnt show up in /proc/fs/ or /proc/filesystems ).

Soo..... What I think is happening here is that HAIPAD (Well the company they outsource the build too...) are using the Android BSP from Telechips (If anyone has a copy please SHARE),
The reason I noticed this is because in the headers.S there is a .text that pads 60 bytes to the start of the kernel with version and checksum and serial etc... The only place in the stock firmware I can find reference to this is in the lk.rom, This maybe why my kernel isnt booting.

So please some one hook us up with the telechips android bsp because it looks like it can do tcc8900 and tcc9200 there will be much love!!

Oh BTW while talking to asure the other night we discovered that the serial on the M701 has been purposely disabled its missing two resisters on the tx/rx by the looks, I took a multimeter to the copper points and I got nothing off it (Look here).

- VeNoMouS


  • Sun Sep 19 2010: Started developing the howto page.
  • Thu Sep 16 2010: New firmware mirrored in Firmware
  • Thu Sep 16 2010: Moved M701 images to Images